Survivor All Winners Intro


"you could be the king, but watch the queen conquer" 

[1/10] sets of parvati shallow: “why do they always wanna vote me out?! i don’t know. i’m just a sweet, innocent, little girl, really” 

val & jeremy collins

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Can you just talk about Queen Parvati? Thanks, xoxo

ok let’s talk about parvati. so first of all she’s gorgeous, but she’s also pretty great at survivor too. cook islands was not her greatest season, but micronesia sure was. she created the black widow brigade and went all the way to the end and beat amanda kimmel. seen by some as a huge threat, it’s quite an accomplishment that she made it so far, and quite honestly, i hope all future survivors take a hint from her and make their own black widow brigades. now then parvati returned fro the 3rd time in heroes vs villains, the debaucherous little villain that she is, and turned russell hantz into her little pet. finding idols and crushing dreams, she made it to the end with the other queen, sandra diaz-twine. it was a close race, but a queen still won, so all is cool in the kingdom. flash forward - parvati starts hosting the survivor after-show/survivor live. she is obviously a great host and an even better face of survivor. many contestants now desire to be like the one and only queen p, yet none have yet risen to her level. #guacrocks


Morgan McLeod → Per Episode Episode 2


*Seductively whistles the Survivor theme song in public to find a suitable mate*


i love parvati shallow

Will Kim Powers be a queen of survivor?

she’s not on my list right now but i’ll add her